Our block chain enabled system helps various parties in the Financial Supply Chain to optimise their process.

A.     SME supplier

·       Access to financing at preferred rates on a timely basis.

·       Protection against financier failure in the case of a single bank facility.

·       Invoice process optimisation when operating within a Financial Supply Chain environment

B.     Buyer

·       Negotiate longer payment terms or price discounts with its suppliers.

·       Improvements in working capital, cash position and cost base

·       A healthier, more financially robust supply chain, leading to greater reliability and certainty of supply.

C.     Financier

·       Access to pre-qualified financing opportunities.

·       Complete transaction documents available for evaluation with independent verification of processes and documents proof.

·       Reduce the risk of double financing utilising a blockchain enabled repository 

·       Secondary trading of assets with the strongest anchor of trust for integrity to rebalance portfolio.

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